My First Week!

Sorry this is very much long overdue, but here is a quick run down of my first week in the office (which was last week in case you were wondering!) I said in my last post that I arrived at a very busy time on base with the mission conference and other things going on Рand this week has proved no different!

Firstly, on Monday it was the Megacities Training Day! This is the one day every quarter (during a megacities year) where all the students that we will be sending overseas with megacities gets training on what to expect when they arrive! They were given cultural training in preparation for arriving in Kolkata, a quick history of the place, and a briefing as to the work that has already been done in the city and what they personally expect to get involved with. As a member of the Megacities Ministry, I got to sit in on the training day, which was incredibly helpful and I gained a lot of useful information myself. Next quarter I will probably be helping to do the training, rather than just listening to it! But a good first day I thought.

Tuesday we had a LONG ministry staff meeting – which involved danishes, custard and muffins. Yummy. I am not the only new member of the Megacities team, although the 2 other new people have been on staff here previously, so I am still the absolute Newbie. We spent some time during this meeting just getting to know one another more, but then we were given the sad news that one of the other members of the team will be leaving soon (Boo!) which will have quite the big impact on the team. Morag has been here at YWAM Perth for 10 years, so her departure is quite big news and she will be sorely missed. She carries a lot of responsibility in our team, so when she leaves a lot of things will be changing (did I mention that I have arrived at quite a busy time??!) Morag also happens to be one of my house mates, so I will doubly miss her as she is a lot of fun to live with. So there goes another person leaving my house (I’m not even going to bother to try and convince myself that this will be our house now, as apparently we have quite a few new staff joining us in the coming months so we are quite likely to be getting more new house mates) so its all change yet again! And I haven’t even been here a month yet!

Wednesday morning I had my official staff induction. I had to read the whole of the Child Protection Policy (I cant tell you how much fun that was!) and then was given a brief tour of the open office. There’s a fair bit of paperwork that needs to be sorted out, and I had to email lots of people letting them know that I have arrived so I can be put on rosters etc but I think we are getting there now. I’ve learnt fairly quickly that flexibility is the key – or as my team leader puts it “just ride the wave!”

The rest of the week I spent logging videos and transcribing testimonies. Yes thats right folks. Transcribing. I havent done any since my dissertation several years ago, and I must confess it is not my most favourite job in the world, although it is petty exciting hearing all the stories and testimonies coming out of Kolkata. What I love the most is hearing how we are having a lasting impact in the city – local people and local churches are being equipped, discipled, and trained, so that long after we leave the city the impact will still be seen in their communities. Its not just a short missions trip with short term goals, we are genuinely hoping for, and planting the seeds for long term transformation. Which I think is incredibly exciting. We are seeing hundreds of people coming to know Jesus as their Saviour and being plugged into a local church, and in turn the local churches are reporting continued growth. Praise the Lord!

Of course, transcribing requires quite a lot of concentration and hard work, so your prayers for that would be appreciated. It sounds like a silly job, but its actually really important both for us recording the impact that we are having in the city, and also for our promotional material, so prayer for grace and humility when I am feeling absolutely fed up and exhausted from thinking so hard would also be great! Its funny – but having spent all day today typing at an Ozzie keyboard, typing this on my UK laptop has had its moments of searching! There are only minor differences between the 2 (which probably makes it more difficult than if it was drastically different!) but significant symbols and pieces of punctuation are definitely in a different place! Just in case you were wondering…

Anyway, that was pretty much my week! I’ll save the adventures of this week for another day (and there are indeed some stories to be told!) and hopefully I will become more¬†successful at sending out these updates on time.

Wishing you all a very happy October!!

Jo x

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